Affiliate Program

Get rewards, guide discounts and earn cash by promoting Si Flies products

Youll get a personalized discount code for your followers and website url that will track sales associated with any orders taken with your code or website click.

There is a 3 tier reward system based on the amount of sales generated with you code.

Currency is stated in $CAD

Tier 1: $1-1000 - 10% reward paid in merchandise on
Tier 2: $1001-10000 - 7.5% in cash or 12.5% in merchandise
Tier 3 :$10001+ - 10% in cash or 15% in mechandise

Rewards will be paid out at the end of every season (April 15th)
To be clear, on the first $1000, you get $100(max) of merchandise. Tier 2 earnings max is $649cad (max & the tier 1 reward max). The Tier 3 rewards, the 10% is paid out only all sales over $10001CAD, you will still earn Tier 1 & 2 level rewards accordingly.

Please contact Simon at or Si Flies on facebook or instagram if you want to participate in the affiliate program, please let us know a code we could use.

Your website URL will be<your_code>
Replace the <your_code> with your assigned code
i.e if your code is LSO, then your url is
Using this code will generate more sales because anyone whom click that link will land direct on our website and automatically add the discount code for the checkout thus registering the sale seamlessly

***Affiliate / Guide Level product discount code: pro25
***Your email must be registered with to be able to use this private code, you cannot share this code.

Guide / Content Creator offer:
If you qualify, we can offer the Guide / Pro Staff discount in exchange for you making contributions like:
  • Use our products professionally (you are a guide or content creator)
  • Making a post(s) on your local facebook fishing groups with pictures of Si Flies product
  • Directly submitting fishing content that contains to Si Flies product use like videos or pictures to Si Flies for our use. Specifically looking for content that demonstrate catching fish with our bugs
  • making a post(s) on your local facebook fishing groups with pictures of fish caught with Si Flies product. Bonus points if the bugs are in the fishes mouth (NO STAGING PLEASE)
  • Are a Facebook group Creator/Admin
  • post on instagram tagging Si Flies,
  • Going to talk and show our products to local tackle stores.
  • Product Reviews on social media
  • Product unpacking videos on social media
  • Posting in facebook group Ice Fishing Simcoe Bugs

Please contact Si Flies with your "fishing resume", please include links to your social media accounts or business website.