Does the Simcoe Bug need to be charged for GLOW in the Dark features to be activated? 
Yes, the bodies and SUPERGLOW heads need to be charged 
Does the Simcoe Bug need to be charged for UV fluorescent features to be activated? 
No, fish (depending on species and age) can see UV light 
What is the best way to charge the Superglow tungsten Simcoe Bug heads? 
With a UV [flash]light 
How long does the Simcoe Bug glow in the dark? 
The SuperGlow heads will glow for well over hour on a proper charge. The bodies do not glow as strong as the super glow heads 

Are the Simcoe Bugs heavy?
Yes, the Simcoe Bug is constructed with super heavy tungsten heads and heavy gauge wire cores. 
How long do I have to wait for my order to be shipped out? 
Everything available to order is in stock and ready to ship next business day. 
How long are shipping times? 
To the US: 7-15 business days 
In Canada: 2-5 business days 
Where can I track my order? 

usps.com or canadapost.ca 
Where is my tracking number? 

Your tracking number is sent to the email address that is required at the checkout.

***Please read the Shipping Page before ordering***