Special Edition SuperGlow Tungsten WonderBUG-SHOT 5G

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The best tungsten ice fishing lures on the market! All hand-tied with precision and skill. Limited quantities, order now while they're still in stock.

SuperGlow Tungsten Head
Weight 5.6g (1/5oz)
Length 21mm
Size 14 Treble hook with 5mm ring
Full UV Body and head

Price is per bug
This lure is a bit over sized for bluegills
Perfect for all other species

You won't find anything like it! These WonderBug-Shots are custom hand crafted from scratch. There's no doubt about it, it's the hottest ice fishing lure on the market !! Tie one on and catch your next trophy fish.

This is a special batch made with tungsten beads painted with old SuperGlow paint. The beads have a creamy color and have out of this world glow in the dark effects, almost looks radio active!! Only 1000 will ever be made with these discontinued beads. more than three quarter of this batch is sold already, get one before they are gone!

Hand tied and painted