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TOP 30 SELLERS (in order)
Updated: 1 Nov 2022


1. Medium WonderBug
2. Large WonderBug

5x - 8x

3. Bug-Shot 5g WonderBug
4. Small WonderBug
5. Bug-Shot 5g Holographic Gold
6. White UV Sampler 4-pak
7. Large Simcoe Bug Holographic 6-pak
8. Large Simcoe Bug Holographic Gold

2x - 4x
9. Large Holographic Black Ice
10. Bug-Shot 5g Black Ice
11. Small Simcoe Bug All White 8W0
12. Simcoe Bug Decal

13. Medium Simcoe Bug Pink 8G1
14. Medium Simcoe Bug Chartreuse 8G5
15, Medium Simcoe Bug Black/SuperGlow BUV0
16, Medium Simcoe Bug Black/Chartreuse BUV5
17. Bug-Shot 5g Black

18. Medium Simcoe Bug Orange 8G4
19.  Medium Simcoe Bug All White 8W0
20, Medium Simcoe SuperGlow Chartreuse 8SG5
21. Medium Simcoe Bug Natural Larvae 8NA1
22. Medium Simcoe Bug Green 8G6
23. Bug-Shot 3g White UV

24. Med 6-pack FLURO
25. Medium Simcoe Bug Hot Pink 8G2
26. Small Simcoe Bug Natural Larvae 10NA1
27. Bug-Shot 3g Hot Pink
28. Copper Frenchy

29. Small 8pack SuperGlow
30. Large 8pack SuperGlow
31. Medium 8pack SuperGlow
32. Small 6pack All White